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Overview of Renewable Densified Fuel, LLC Proprietary Manufacturing Process

Fountainhead Engineering Ltd Technical Response to KIUC Request for Renewable Energy Production System on Kauai

FHE Documents Creation of High Btu value, Low Ash Sustainable Densified Biomass Fuel Using Agricultural Residuals

FHE Assists Flambeau River Papers in New Renewable Energy Technology

Innovative Technology and Materials

(ITM Permit - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency)

(ITM Permit - City Of Chicago Department of Environment)

Case Study of Converting High Moisture Pulp and Paper Mill Wastes into a Renewable Fuel


Former D.R. Sperry Foundry

Former Coal Mine Reclamation In Kansas

KCS Schweiger Industries Jefferson, Wisconsin

Fountainhead Engineering Ltd Seeks Approvals for Multi Company Consortium on New Technology in the United Kingdom and Ireland


Clear Lake Resort

Former Wycoff Steel Corporation

Red Lake Chapter Navajo Nation and Environmental Forest Solutions, LLC

Universal Recycling, Inc. Class II Recycling Facility Chicago, Illinois

Midwest Industrial Waste Services

FHE Assists Wood Residuals Solutions in New Renewable Energy Technology

Former Wyman Gordon Manufacturing Complex

Former R.I. Busse Company

Clean Earth Technology

East Chicago Sanitary District Stormwater Management Plan

Premier Disposal and Recycling 1,200 TPD Construction-Demolition Recycling Facility Chicago, IL

(Premier Permit and Approval)

ACD Whitton Technology

(ACD USEPA Presentation)

Results of 2002 UK Assessment (DEFRA) of Air Curtain Destructors (ACD) for Use in Processing Cattle (Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan)

2007 USEPA Emissions From the Burning of Vegetative Debris in Air Curtain Destructors